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Eyebright Herb Tea Benefits - The Health Benefits

While some traditional health remedies have long since been replaced by modern science, certain herbs and plants can still provide numerous benefits to us, either by providing a boost of generalized nutrients and minerals that promote good health or by addressing specific problems that we might encounter. For years, eyebright herb tea was given to those dealing with vision problems due to the flower's patterns that resembled eyes. While research has found no specific reason for the herb's effects on eye infections, it can nevertheless provide that and several additional health benefits that make adding it to your daily regimen something that is well worth consideration.

Antibacterial Properties

Eyebright herb tea contains a wealth of different minerals and chemicals that can fight against bacteria, specifically those that attack the eye in problems such as conjunctivitis. These include caffeine, choline, aucubin and many others. Drinking this tea on its own can help to drastically speed up the healing process associated with eye and other infections, and can also be combined with other teas to create a tea blend that focuses on all the different symptoms of infections, including the flu or the common cold. However, many choose to go beyond merely drinking the herb and use it directly on the infected area.

External Uses

As an alternative to drinking eyebright herb tea, many people place the herb directly on the infected area to help remove the infection. It can be used in its natural form, packed into a compress, or even turned into a tincture. This is a potent method of relief, but also poses risks to the proximity of the eye and the strength of the herb. It is usually easier and safer to drink the remedy, but there is no denying the relief that can come from direct applications of the herb to the infected area. Simply use caution when doing so, and avoid direct contact with the eye.

Like many other herbal remedies, eyebright herb tea is much less expensive than most prescription or even over the counter medications that you can find to treat an infection such as conjunctivitis. It is safe, effective, and all natural, meaning that along with saving money you won't need to be concerned about harmful side effects or unexpected reactions. If you find yourself suffering from eye infections, consider trying this herbal remedy. You have little to lose, but so much to gain, especially when the infection clears up much quicker than it would otherwise.

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